Complete Upholstery Cleaning Serving Everett, Edmonds, and the Snohomish County Area

Your furniture takes a lot of use and abuse over the years and can start to look dingy and worn. Before you replace things you loved when they were new, see what professional cleaning can revive it for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The pros at Principles of Carpet Cleaning select the cleaning methods, equipment and cleansers for your upholstery based on your fabric type, ensuring great results without damage. We also deep-clean mattresses, so give us a call and see how new your old furniture can become!
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Keeping Upholstery Clean

Keep upholstery looking its best and needing less frequent professional cleaning with monthly vacuuming. A thorough vacuum includes paying attention to all the nooks and crannies with the crevice attachment, and if cleaning leather or vinyl, use the brush attachment to avoid scratching smooth surfaces.

When to Get Professional Cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning should be part of your regular home or workplace maintenance for all the reasons above. Depending on the amount of sitting traffic your furniture gets, once every two to three years in the home, and perhaps once or twice per year in the workplace is a good cleaning frequency.

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Long-Lasting Upholstery Cleaning Serving Everett, Edmonds, and the Snohomish County Area

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